Flexible Time Deposit with High Interest Rate

Better Returns

Better Returns

Earn more by placing your money into Time Deposit

Start Small from IDR1.000.000

Save starting from IDR 1.000.000 with the higher interest

24/7 Accessible

Easily open account using LINE Bank app and track your returns real-time

How to open Time Deposit?

Click 'Open Time Deposit'

Product Information

Earn more

Earn more by placing your money into Time Deposit*

*Time deposit have higher than savings interest rate up to 6%pa


Start deposit from IDR1.000.000,- with higher interest

Save starting as low as IDR1.000.000 with flexible maturity options of:

  • Automatic roll Over
  • Paid at maturity

24/7 Accessible

  • Easily open Time Deposit using Line Bank app
  • Check the amount you earned in real-time
  • Extend maturity automatically by setting options when opening Time Deposits


  • Subcription tenure : 1 - 12months
  • Withdrawal account : from one of LINE Bank Savings account
  • Maximum placement amount per time deposit is IDR 1 billion
  • If you withdraw before maturity date, savings account interest will be applied

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Up to 50% special cashback

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No Fees on Transfer & Withdrawal