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Fees & Limit


A. Funding Product Interest Rate

Funding ProductInterest Rate*Interest Rate*
(start from 1 April 2023)
1) Savings1% p.a1% p.a
2) Time Deposit
    a) Placement IDR. 1.000.000 - IDR. 500.000.0004.5% p.a6% p.a**
    b) Placement > IDR. 500.000.0004,5% p.a5% p.a**

*Interest rates are subject to change at any time according to the Bank‘s policy

**Funds placed in Customer Accounts and/or Time Deposit are guaranteed in a guarantee program organized by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) in accordance with the terms, values and conditions set by LPS

B. Funding Product Rates

Funding ProductRates
1) Savings
    a)    Initial Deposit IDR 0
    b)    Minimum BalanceIDR 0
    c)    Administration FeeFree
    d)    Below Minimum Balance FeeFree
    e)    Opening Account Fee Free
    f)    Closing Account FeeFree
    g)    Dormant Fee (inactive during 6 months)Free
2) Time Deposit
    a)    Minimum PlacementIDR 1.000.000
    b)    Maximum PlacementIDR
    c)    Administration FeeFree
    d)    Opening Account FeeFree
    e)    Closing Account FeeFree
3) Debit Card
    a)    1st debit card issueanceFree
    b)    2nd and above debit card issueanceIDR 50.000
Outside Java
    a)    1st debit card issueanceIDR 50.000
    b)    2nd and above debit card issueanceIDR 50.000

*Exclude Papua and Maluku

C. Transaction Fee

Transaction TypeFee
1) Transaction through Digital Banking Application
    a)    Balance Inquiry FeeFree
    b)    Cardless Withdrawal FeeFree
    c)    Overbooking FeeFree
    d)    Online Transfer to Other BankFree *
2) Transaction through Hana Bank Branch
    a)    Balance Inquiry FeeFree
    b)    Cash Withdrawal Fee Below E-Channel LimitIDR 10.000
    c)    Cash Withdrawal Fee Above E-Channel LimitFree
    d)    Overbooking Fee (transfer to Hana Bank account) Below E-Channel LimitIDR 10.000
    e)    Overbooking Fee (transfer to Hana Bank account) Above E-Channel LimitFree
3) Debit Card Transaction through ATM Hana Bank
    a)    Balance Inquiry FeeFree
    b)    Cash Withdrawal FeeFree
    c)    Cash Deposit FeeFree
    d)    Overbooking Fee (transfer to Hana Bank account)Free
    e)    Online Transfer to Other BankFree *
4) Debit Card Transaction through Other Bank ATM (Domestic)
    a)    Balance Inquiry FeeFree *
    b)    Cash Withdrawal FeeFree *
    c)    Overbooking Fee (transfer to Hana Bank account)Free *
    d)    Online Transfer to Other BankFree *
5) Debit Card Transaction through VISA Network (International)
    a)    Balance Inquiry FeeFree
    b)    Cash Withdrawal FeeFree (issuing bank fee only)
6) Debit Card Transaction through EDC (Merchant Transaction)
    a)    Offline & Online TransactionFree
    b)    Void TransactionFree
7) Bill Payment and Top up TransactionFree *

Effective as of April 11th, 2022, transactions using a free-fee quota are valid for 25 transactions per customer per month and do not apply for accumulation.