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Complaint Handling

Customer Care Handling Procedure
  1. The complaints submissions to the Bank can only be submitted by the Customer / Customer Representative acting for and on behalf of the customer regarding the Bank's products or services.
  2. Customer/ Customer Representative can submit their complaint through Hana Bank official complaint channel, as follow:
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  4. Procedure for customer complaint handling and resolution is as follows:
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  6. Supporting documents that must be submitted by the Customer / Customer Representative at the time of submission are as follows:
    • The Identity of Customer / Customer Representative;
    • Special Power of Attorney if the Customer delegate complaint submission to a Customer Representative;
    • Types and dates of financial transactions;
    • Complained problem
  7. Customer/Customer Representative Complaint will be resolved within 20 (twenty) working days since the complaint is received by the Bank with a complete document requirement (if needed), if there are any certain conditions, the resolution of the complaint can be extended for a maximum period 20 (twenty) working days. In this case, the Bank will notify the Customer / Customer Representative in writing through mail/e-mail media before the end of the first 20 (twenty) working days.
  8. The Bank may refuse to handle the complaint if:
    • Customer / Customer Representative does not complete the document requirements in accordance with the specified period of time;
    • Previous complaints have been resolved by the Bank in accordance with the Applicable Regulatory provisions
    • Complaint does not relate to any reasonable and direct loss and/or potential loss as stated in the Financial Transaction agreement and/or document; and/or
    • The complaint does not relate to financial transactions issued by Hana Bank.
  9. If the Customer / Customer Representative feels that the settlement solution provided does not meet their expectations, then the Customer / Customer Representative can continue the process of resolving the complaint through:
  1. Facilitation by the Financial Services Authority ('OJK') through:
    • Sending a written letter to:
      Anggota Dewan Komisaris OJK dan Perlindungan Konsumen Menara Radius Prawiro Lantai 2 Komplek Perkantoran Bank Indonesia Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 2, Jakarta
    • Contacting OJK service at 157
    • Sending email through konsumen@ojk.go.id
    • Accessing the website https://kontak157.ojk.go.id (Aplikasi Portal Perlindungan Konsumen – APPK)
  2. Financial Services Sector Dispute Resolution Alternative Agency ('LAPS-SJK') through:
    • Sending a written letter to:
      Wisma Mulia 2 Lt. 16 Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 42, Kuningan Barat, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta 12710
    • Contacting 021-29600292
    • Sending email through lapssjk@ojk.go.id or lapssjk@gmail.com
  3. Specifically, for dissatisfaction with the resolution of complaints related to:
    • Instruments issuance for transferring funds and/or withdrawing funds
    • Fund transfer activities
    • Payment Instrument Activities Using Card (APMK)
    • Electronic Money activities
    • Activities of providing and/or depositing money of Rupiah
Continuing the process of resolving complaints to Bank Indonesia through:
  • Send a written letter to:
    Nearest Bank Indonesia representative office to the domicile of the Customer/Customer Representative
  • For Customer/Customer Representative in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and Bekasi can sending written letter to:

    Kantor Perwakilan Bank Indonesia DKI Jakarta
    Divisi Perlindungan Konsumen Sistem Pembayaran
    KPw DKI Learning Center
    Jl. Prajurit KKO Usman dan Harun No. 42
    RT/RW : 01/05 Senen, Jakarta Pusat 10410
  • Contacting Contact Center Bank Indonesia Call and Interaction (BICARA) - 131
  • Sending email through bicara@bi.go.id
  • Accessing the website https://www.bi.go.id

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