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Privacy Policy

LINE Bank by Hana Bank Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that you understand how the terms of this Privacy Policy are applied. The following Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, transfer, disclose and protect your personally identifiable information obtained through LINE Bank by Hana Bank (as defined below).

This Privacy Policy is included as part of the Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy covers the following:

  1. Definitions
  2. Information we collect
  3. Information you provide directly
  4. Use of information we collect
  5. Provision of information we collect
  6. Security
  7. Changes to this Privacy Policy
  8. Other
  9. Acknowledgment and approval
  10. Privacy Policy for using LINE ID for LINE Bank by Hana Bank
  11. Stop receiving e-mail
  12. Contact us

Your use of our applications and services is subject to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and indicates your agreement to such Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


  1. Bank is PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia, a company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. LINE Bank by Hana Bank is a digital banking application that has been licensed by the OJK and BI and registered as Electronic System in Ministry of Information Technology`s. A piece of software application where all the instructions you carry out will come from the mobile application or online.
  3. LINE Bank by Hana Bank can be operated via Android phones (OS 7.0 and above) and iPhone (iOS 11.0 and above) via Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  4. Personal Information is information about you that is personally identifiable that is collected through the Application, such as your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and /or similar.
  5. Website is our website at www.linebank.co.id.

Information We Collect

  1. LINE Bank by Hana Bank respects matters relating to your data protection and privacy.
  2. Therefore, the Bank will only use your name and other data including LINE messenger user ID related to you in accordance with this privacy policy.
  3. The Bank only collects data that is important to the Bank and the Bank will only collect Data that is needed for everything related to you. The Bank will only retain your Data as long as it is necessary to fulfill legal obligations or as long as the Data is related to the purposes for which the Data was collected. The Bank`s privacy policy follows applicable statutory policies to maintain data confidentiality except that the Bank is required by applicable law to disclose data to authorized third parties such as the government or other government agencies, only if there is a lawful order.
  4. The Bank collects certain Personal Information from you so that LINE Bank by Hana Bank can find the required Services from Service Providers. You will provide Personal Information directly (for example, when you register) and some information will be automatically collected when you use LINE Bank by Hana Bank.
  5. When you visit our Website or application, the website/application administrator we will process technical data such as your IP address, the web pages you have visited, the internet browser you use, the web pages you previously/subsequently visited and the duration of each visit/session that allows the Bank to deliver Website/application functions. With this technical data, Bank Website administrators can manage the Website, for example by resolving technical difficulties or improving the accessibility of certain parts of the Website/Application. In this way, the Bank can ensure that you can (continue to) find information on the Website in a fast and simple way.
  6. You will be asked to carry out authorization instructions using various different types of security information (e.g. Security Code, user name, password) if necessary.
  7. After authorizing, LINE Bank by Hana Bank will carry out instructions according to your orders, you are required to ensure that you do not disclose your security information to other parties.
  8. LINE Bank by Hana Bank ensures that the confidentiality and security of the personal information you provide is well maintained. We will use your data in accordance with applicable provisions.
  9. You can ask or provide input to us via Call Hana (1500021).

Information that You Provide Directly

  1. When registering with LINE Bank by Hana Bank, you will provide the Bank with your electronic mail address (email), name, telephone number, account password and LINE Messenger User ID.
  2. When you use LINE Bank by Hana Bank, the Bank will also process your technical data such as IP address, Device Identity (ID) or MAC address, and information about the manufacturer, model and operating system of your mobile device. The Bank uses this data to enable the Bank to deliver the functions of LINE Bank by Hana Bank, resolve technical difficulties, provide you with the correct and most current version of the Application and to improve the Applications functionality.

Use of Information We Collect

The bank uses your email, name, telephone number, LINE Messenger ID and account password to verify your ownership of an account to provide you information regarding the Application. The Bank can also use your name, email and telephone number to send messages and general updates to the Application. The bank will also send you an email asking you to subscribe to our Mailing List. You can at any time choose not to receive information regarding these updates.

Banks use information such as the name of the bank where your account was created, the name where the account is kept and the amount transfered for the payment you made. You hereby agree that your data will be used by the Bank`s internal data processing to provide better services to you.

The data we obtain directly from you through filling in LINE Bank by Hana Bank. Data collected when you use LINE Bank by Hana Bank that the Bank may use to identify you and authenticate LINE Bank by Hana Bank users for loss and fraud prevention purposes.

Moreover, the Bank will use Data that you provide for the administration of your account with the Bank for the purposes of verifying and managing transactions related to LINE Bank by Hana Bank, conducting research on demographic data of LINE Bank by Hana Bank users, developing LINE Bank by Hana Bank, sending you information that the Bank consider useful to you including information about services from the Bank after you have given consent to the Bank that you do not object to being contacted regarding the Banks services.

The Bank may use your personal information, including date of birth to verify identity, help users, determine which Services are right for you and useful to you and to understand the most interesting parts of LINE Bank by Hana Bank.

Aggregated data will be considered non-personal information for the purposes of this privacy policy. If you register as a LINE Bank by Hana Bank user, the Bank will also use your personal information to send you marketing services from time to time.

Transactions you make via LINE Bank by Hana Bank are processed by PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia. You must provide accurate and not misleading data to the Bank. You must update and notify the Bank if there are changes to the data related to you. The bank will store your transaction details for bank security reasons. You can access this information by logging into your account via the LINE Bank by Hana Bank application.

You can see details of transactions you have made, fund information and subscriptions from marketing services provided by LINE Bank by Hana Bank does. You will not allow third parties to access your personal data. The Bank is not responsible for misuse of passwords and/or PINs. You are obliged to notify the Bank if you believe that your password and/or PIN is being misused by another party.

Providing Information We Collect

The Bank may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate or provide the Application and certain services on behalf of the Bank, to provide consumer assistance, provide information, to carry out services related to the Website/application ( for example without limitation, maintenance services, database management, web analysis and improvements to Website/application features) or to assist the Bank in analyzing how the Bank Services are used or for the Banks professional advisors and external auditors, including legal advisors, financial advisors and consultants-consultant. These third parties only have access to your personal information to carry out these tasks on behalf of the Bank and are contractually bound not to disclose or use such personal information for any other purpose.

The Bank does not share Information Your personal information to any party other than the relevant Service Providers and third party companies and individuals mentioned in the section above, without your consent. However, the Bank will disclose your Personal Information as long as it is legally required, or necessary to comply with statutory, regulatory and government provisions, or in the event of a dispute, or any form of legal process between you and the Bank, or between you and other users in connection with, or related to the Services, or in emergencies relating to your health and/or safety.

Your Personal Information can be transferred, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than Indonesia where the Bank`s servers are located. You understand and agree to the transfer of your Personal Information outside Indonesia.

The Bank does not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties. The bank will hold your information until you delete your account on the Application.


The Bank ensures that the information and/or Data collected will be stored safely. The Bank stores your information and/or personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this privacy policy.

The Bank does not guarantee that the data you provide will not be detained/interrupted while being sent to the Bank. Any transmission of information by you to the Bank is at your own risk. You may not disclose your password to anyone. No matter how effective a technology is, no security system is impenetrable.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

LINE Bank by Hana Bank has the right to change the Bank`s privacy policy in accordance with the Terms & Conditions from time to time.

If the Bank changes this Privacy Policy, the Bank will notify you via email or by means of a notification on the Website 30 business days before the change takes effect. The Bank urges you to review this page periodically to find out the latest information about how the Bank applies the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is made based on the laws of applies in Indonesia and must be regulated and interpreted according to Indonesian law. This Privacy Policy is prepared in Indonesian. All subsequent correspondence relating to this Privacy Policy shall be conducted in Indonesian.

Governing law and jurisdiction. This Privacy Policy is governed by and to be interpreted in the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any and all disputes arising from this privacy policy will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Jakarta District Court.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

By using the Application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and agree and consent to the use, practices, processing and transfer of your personal information by the Bank as stated in this Privacy Policy.

You also declare that you have the right to share all the information you have provided to the Bank and to give the Bank the right to use and share that information with Service Providers.

Privacy Policy ID LINE for LINE Bank by Hana Bank

To support digital banking provided by PT Bank KEB Hana Bank Indonesia, namely "LINE Bank by Hana Bank" via online or offline (hereinafter referred to as " Services"), LY Corporation ("LYC", "we" or "us" ") has adopted this LINE ID Privacy Policy for LINE Bank by Hana Bank to explain our handling of additional information obtained, used or shared by the Company with LYC (or LY Corporation).

Privacy Policy LINE ID for LINE Bank by Hana Bank is the additional the provisions of LINE’s Privacy Policies, which remain in effect and apply equally to the additional items of information described in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy for use of LINE Bank location information by Hana Bank

You agree to provide location information to LINE Bank by Hana Bank for receive personalized services, experiences and benefits while you use LINE Bank services. All forms of location information will be processed and handled in accordance with the LINE Bank by Hana Bank Privacy Policy.

Information Shared by LINE with Hana Bank

You agree that In order to provide Service facilities, and support customers in connection with our Services to prevent unauthorized use of our Services, LY Corporation may provide personal information that has been collected by LY Corporation to Hana Bank to the extent of providing the Services described in the LINE Bank Privacy Policy by Hana Bank.

When you submit request to correct and/or updates your personal information in LINE’s Corporation system, LY Corporation collects such personal information for the purpose of updating our records.

Upon such matters, LY Corporation will also automatically share such personal information with Hana Bank for the purpose of updating Hana Bank’s records system, for the purpose to provide the Service and to ensure a seamless user experience.

Personal information shared by Hana Bank to LYC (or LY Corporation) will be processed and handled in accordance with the LINE Bank by Hana Bank Privacy Policy.

Information Shared by Hana Bank with LINE

Please refer to the LINE Bank by Hana Bank Privacy Policy for details of information shared by Hana Bank with LYC (or LY Corporation) for all data shared with and/or to other parties based on the Customers individual consent.

Changes to LINE Bank by Hana Bank Addendum

LINE ID Privacy Policy for LINE Bank by Hana Bank may be changed from time to time to reflect changes to the Services and related laws and regulations. LINE ID Privacy Policy for LINE Bank by Hana Bank was last updated on September 30, 2023. Privacy Policy for use of LINE Bank location information by Hana Bank was last updated on December 06, 2022.

We will notify you when we make any material changes to the LINE ID Privacy Policy for LINE Bank by Hana Bank via the LINE App or by other reasonable means. LINE Privacy Policy and LINE ID Privacy Policy for LINE Bank by Hana Bank can be accessed directly in the LINE app and on our website.

Stop Receiving E-mails

The bank has a policy for opting in/out of the database. If you wish to stop receiving emails from the Bank, please click the unsubscribe link included in each e-mail.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about the privacy and security of your information and wish to update or delete your data then please contact us at: help@linebank.co.id or call: 1500021.