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Frequently Asked Questions


What is QRIS?

QRIS (QR Code Indonesia Standard) is a standard QR Code for the Indonesian payment system developed by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI).

What are the benefit using QRIS?

1. Universal
Inclusive, for all levels of society and can be used for domestic and abroad

2. Practical
Transactions are carried out easily and safely in one hand

3. Efficient
One QR code for all apps

4. Real-time
Transactions are fast and can be carried out in real-time so that they can support the smooth running of the system

How do I do transaction using QRIS?

1. When making a transaction at the merchant, the merchant will show the QRIS to be scanned
2. The customer scans the QRIS using the LINE Bank application from the ""Scan"" menu
3. The customer inputs the payment amount or automatically appears immediately
4. enter tips (not mandatory and if any)
5. Enter the Transaction PIN

What kind of QR can I scan?

The QR code that can be scanned is a QR code that is in accordance with the QRIS standard, if it does not meet the standard, the transaction cannot be continued

Can I use QRIS picture saved in phone?

Customers can do 2 (two) ways to scan QRIS
1. do a direct scan on the QRIS provided by the merchant
2. Take a QRIS image that is already stored in the photo gallery on a mobile phone

What is the difference between QRIS and regular QR?

QRIS has transaction information needed by customers to make payments at merchants and has been certified by the regulator

Can I use QRIS feature on online merchants?

All online merchants that accept payments with the QRIS logo can be used for transactions

How much the maximum limit in using QRIS?

  1. Limit per transaction up to a maximum of IDR10,000,000 (Ten Million Rupiah)
  2. Daily limit up to IDR30,000,000 (Thirty Million Rupiah)

What should I do if a QRIS transaction fails and the account balance have been deducted?

If the transaction fails but the balance is reduced then maximum within 20 working days a refund will be made to the customer's account. If within 20 working days money not yet refunded then customer can report to Call Hana to be processed within 14 working days